Roofing Repair

What Does Roof Maintenance Consist Of?

Of all the mistakes that homeowners make that result in the greatest need for future roofing repair, ignoring regular maintenance tops the list.

Roof maintenance might seem like an arduous task that homeowners like to conveniently forget about, but the truth is, it is a lot simpler than most people think and roofers do most of it!

While any handy homeowner can handle their own maintenance, actually doing it is the issue.

The other easier and safer option is to simply develop a relationship with a local roofer and let them handle it.

What Tasks Are Included in Roof Maintenance?

What constitutes roof maintence?

Usually, a lot less than most homeowners think:

  • Annual to Bi-Annual Inspections - Inspections are important. Their purpose is more so to detect developing problems so that corrections can be made than to just give a once-over and declare everything fine. Semi-annual inspections for newer roofs and annual inspections for older ones allow homeowners and their roofing repair contractors to stay on top of things as the installation ages and to act preventively to slow aging by making sure there is proper ventilation, checking the flashing, and replacing it as needed, and more.
  • Twice-Yearly Gutter Cleaning - Clean gutters are critical to the health of any roof, as gutters that hold water can cause water absorption and then rotting of the underside roofing materials. Of all the roof maintenance tasks that should be performed, gutter cleaning is the one that homeowners can easily do themselves. If they can’t or would prefer not to, roofers can take care of it in just a few minutes.
  • Keep The Roof Clean - A clean roof is a healthy roof and fortunately, most roofs especially metal and asphalt shingle roofs, don’t get dirty enough to require actual cleaning. Other times, a roof in a humid area or close to trees might require having the leaves swept off or moss, mold, or algae scrubbed off, all things that again can be easily and affordably done by an experienced roofer.

That’s it!

Roof Maintenance is Not That Hard!

Other than any unique care requirements instructed by the manufacturer of the specific roofing materials, these three things are all that are required when doing roof maintenance to keep a roof in good condition so it lasts its entire life expectancy.

Naturally, if any problems are discovered, roofing repair should be done; however, these three things are generally all that is required.

Keeping up with them will slow the aging process and reduce the need for unexpected roofing repair over time.

Contact A Local Roofer for Help!

As annoying as doing roof maintenance can seem, it really is an easy and worthwhile investment to protect the roof over every home.

Contact a local roofing repair contractor today for an inspection as the first step!