Computer Networks

A network is a group of at least two computers linked together. Computer networks are found in different types. These networks can be established through many ways such as cables, radio waves, telephone lines, infrared light beams and satellites.

Local area networks. (LANs)

This is a computer network where the computers are in the same room. With this type of network, the connected computers are known as servers or workstations. Services provided by these networks are mainly printing and faxing, file storage and sharing, data storage and retrieval and many others. Click here to understand further.

Wide area networks. (WANs)

This is among the many computer networks where the computers are far apart. They are therefore connected by radio waves and telephone lines. The largest WAN that is in existence is actually the internet. Most users do not get the difference between a LAN and WAN since they look similar to users. These two types of networks are commonly used in schools. You could visit this website to know more

Personal area network

This is a computer network set up used by an individual in a single building. This is mainly found in an office or residential area. This type of network includes at least one computer, video game and other personal devices linked together. When this network is used by many people in the same residence then it is called a home area network (HAN). In this case a single internet connection is used then it is managed using a single computer but accessed by many devices.

Metropolitan area network

This kind of computer network that runs across a whole city, small region or even a college campus. This is similar to a LAN only that is covers a large area of several miles. Several LANs are mainly connected together to form this type of network. Click here to learn more on this.

Common Computer Repair Services

When it comes to computer, there are good number of problems that can occur. However, there are many technicians who can repair on site, in shop or remote log in- technicians can diagnose any issue with your computer by logging in to your remotely. Remote computer is very efficient because it saves your time. Some of the common computer problems that can be fixed by computer technician include:

Malware or virus removal – this one of the most common computer issue. It occurs when a computer gets infected by a virus that has been downloaded or introduced through external storage devices such as flash disks.

Viruses, spyware, rootkits, adware, trojan horses and other harmful software can affect computer performance and also allows unscrupulous individual to gain information accessed or stored on the system.

Computer running slow – although computer can run slow when the allotted storage space is used up, there are other factors such as malware which can affect computer performance. A computer technician can diagnose the problem and fix it.

Connecting to internet – if you computer cannot connect to the internet, first check if the drivers are properly installed. If not installed, ask the technician to install. If the problem persists, change the OS. But technician will also diagnose the problem and advice you on other ways you can deal with the same.

Other computer problems are minor problems which you can fix by rebooting your computer. For example, if you computer is very sluggish, the first step is to delete or store some files in an external storage.

It is always good to use reputable computer technician. You should only trust your computer to a technician who is experienced and certified, one you can find at Bakersfield Computer Services!. The cost of computer repair will vary from one technician to another as well as with the repair to being made.