Wind Damage Roofers

How Does The Wind Damage A Roof?

Wind is an ever-present part of nature and the atmosphere and it can cause countless dollars in wind damage to structures.

In terms of roofing damage, wind damage roofing replacement contractors find that wind damage occurs in two different categories.

Though wind damage roofers see that both can cause substantial roofing damage, it is important to know the difference between these two causes during damage inspections to ensure that all wind damage is detected and the appropriate repairs are made.

1. Wind Damage Caused By High-Velocity Winds

When one thinks of roofing wind damage, it is typically a vision of swirling hurricane winds or tornadoes ripping shingles off the roof.

This is the most common type of damage that wind damage roofers see and end up doing widespread repairs for.

It happens when winds blow at speeds above the material wind rating, which causes shingles to bend, break, llift up, and blow off the roof. 

How high is high enough to damage a roof?

While most roofs are not affected by winds 73 MPH or less, once wind speeds climb above that they are entering the hurricane category at various levels.

Based on research done on different roofing materials, standard shingles will start to sustain damage during:

  • Category 1 winds of 74 to 95 MPH
  • Category 2 winds, which rise up to 110 MPH, will peel an entire roof off a house.
  • Considering that Category 5 hurricanes have winds above 157 MPH, it is no wonder that many roofs will not survive.

2. WInd Damage Caused By Flying Debris

Sometimes, wind damage roofers find that the roof itself is fine even after strong winds, but there is damage due to something hitting the roof.

This is very common on properties with trees nearby, as fallen branches are notable for ending up crashing through a roof when blown by strong winds.

Patio furniture and other personal belongings can also be blown by a strong gust, only to land on a roof and damage it.

This type of wind damage is usually more localized, but the degree of the damage can vary greatly. 

Protect Against Wind Damage

To protect against the damage caused by high-velocity winds, wind damage roofing replacement contractors recommend that homeowners in wind-prone areas purchase wind-resistant shingles to withstand the storms better.

To prevent wind damage caused by flying debris, homeowners should keep trees well cared for and pruned, and secure items that could be blown around when a storm with high winds is in the forecast.