Storm Damage Clean Up

What does A Storm Damage Clean Up Service Do After A Storm?

Storms can cause a great deal of damage to the homes and buildings in their paths.

When the damage is more extensive than just a few small branches down and a leaf-covered lawn, homeowners should call storm damage clean up services to take care of the mess.

Once insurance companies have been notified of the damage and given the approval to start storm damage clean up, these contractors are ready to take care of the heavy clean up work so that repairs can follow soon afterward.

What tasks do storm damage cleaning services perform after the bad weather has passed?

  • Insurance Estimating and Assistance - Before starting any storm damage clean up or repair work, a clean up and restoration company will help with damage and clean up estimation for insurance companies. After getting approval, these services will then start the process of cleaning up the damage and then continue on to perform necessary repairs or structural restoration.
  • Tree Cleanup and Removal - Trees cause a lot of the damage that storm damage cleaning services must repair. When trees are involved, these services will either take care of safe tree removal themselves or call an appropriate subcontractor to handle the removal of fallen trees and large limbs.
  • Board/Tarp Up and Protect Damaged Areas - Next storm damage clean up services will make emergency temporary repairs to exposed areas of damage by boarding up or tarping over roof holes, wall damage, and other damaged areas.
  • Water Damage and Mold Repair - Some services will also handle water damage and the mold problems that can happen as a result. In these instances, drywall and other surfaces must be removed and the structure dried out thoroughly before repairs can begin.
  • Structural Assessment - After all the damaged materials have been cleared away, storm damage clean up services that also handle home and building restoration will do a thorough structural assessment of the building and make a final repair plan using those details.
  • Storm Damage Restoration Repair - Once all waste materials are removed and damage is cleared away, storm damage clean up services can then move on to making whatever repairs are required, or bringing in the right restoration contractors for the job.

When big storms leave people with severely damaged homes or buildings, the first step in the restoration process is taking care of storm damage clean up.

Whether performed by specific storm damage cleaning services or by restoration contractors offering clean up as part of their overall services, the mess must go before the repairs can begin!