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Repair or Replace – What’s the Best Choice for a Damaged Roof?

Considering the cost of the average shingle roof replacement, it is no wonder that homeowners will do as much as they can to put off paying for a new one.

Roof repair may seem the better option since it usually costs less, but is that necessarily true?

Sometimes, a roofing replacement ends up being the more cost-effective choice depending on the type of damage needing repair and the overall condition of the roof.

While there is no black-and-white answer to the question of repair or replacement, roofing contractors recommend weighing the facts involved, then making the best, most informed decision.

  • Extent of Present Damage - A single leak that involves one specific part of the roof or a section of shingles being blown off is hardly a call for roofing replacement in most cases, but more serious damage like widespread hail damage or decking rot that affects a large portion of the roof and structural support is a different story. 
  • Overall Condition of the Roof - The better the condition of a roof, the more worthwhile roof repair is and vice-versa. It may be a waste of money and effort to fix a roof that is already in poor condition or suffering from chronic issues like sagging, rot, or frequent leaks, but a worthwhile investment for a roof that is still sturdy and in great shape. 
  • History of Needing Repairs - Has the roof been a money pit in terms of needing repairs? Is there a new leak every season? If so, a roof replacement that eliminates all the problems at once is probably a better choice. 
  • Roof Age - Sometimes even a roof in seemingly great condition is a candidate for being replaced if it is at or beyond its life expectancy. The reason for this has to do with the reduced performance of the roofing materials, even if they look good on the surface. Old shingles dry rot, making them less resilient to weather and less energy-efficient. Conversely, a fairly new roof that has experienced significant damage may be worth repairing if the materials and structure are still in good condition. 
  • Cost Comparison - Sometimes, the cost of roof repair, regardless of the condition or age of the roof, will just be more than the cost of a roofing replacement if the replacement can be done faster and more easily.

Based on these five factors, homeowners and their roof replacement contractors should honestly assess the extent of roofing damage along with the condition and age of the roof and other factors to choose the option that makes the most sense.

Many times, that will be a roof repair, but other times it will be a roof replacement.

Though replacing a roof may be more expensive at the exact moment, it is a more economical choice over time as that new roof will last longer, be free of problems, and bring with it brand-new warranties to protect it.