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5 Residential Roofing Tips for A Long-Lasting Roof!

The roof is possibly the most expensive single component on any house that homeowners must take care of throughout the years.

While the time will eventually come when homeowners must have a residential roofer service do a new installation, it is the time between installations that matters most.

Delay residential roof replacement as long as possible with these helpful tips!

  • Clean Away Leaves and Debris - Wet, rotting leaves and other debris sitting on a roof can cause significant damage like mold growth and slow deterioration over time. Keep the roof clean of leaves and vegetation, clean out the gutters twice a year, and if necessary, hire a residential roofer service to wash the roof as needed so it stays clean and dry. 
  • Keep Trees Trimmed Back - Trees close to the house can scratch, chip, and break the roofing materials, leading to other problems. Avoid this damage and the premature need for a residential roofing replacement by keeping branches that can reach the roof trimmed back. Trimming branches so they cannot reach or hang over the roof will also reduce the number of leaves that get up there, too.
  • Practice Proper Maintenance - Whatever type of maintenance is needed for the existing roofing materials, whether that is occasional cleaning, tightening fasteners, or even just routine inspections to look for age-related damage, providing it will help a roof last longer. By catching little problems before they turn into bigger ones, homeowners can put off residential roof replacement longer. 
  • Ventilation and Insulation Are Critical - An easy way to destroy a shingle roof to the point where roofing replacement is necessary is to ignore proper ventilation and let the roof get too hot. A well-insulated and ventilated attic protects the roof while making climate control in the home easier with less power usage and more environmentally friendly usage.
  • Inspect After Storms - Even the best roofing systems can suffer storm damage, especially in places where hurricanes and hail are common. Do a visual inspection after every storm and if anything does not seem right, have a residential roofer service come out to take a closer look. Look inside the attic for signs of water as well as on the outside of the roof for damaged or loose shingles or panels, missing flashing, and other problems.

Taking care of a roofing system is not that hard, all things considered.

When homeowners take the little bit of extra time required to follow these tips, they can avoid paying for an early residential roof replacement by keeping theirs in great shape.

Contact a reputable residential roofing replacement company for help with any of these tasks!