Emergency Roof Repair Services

Need Emergency Roof Repairs? Do This Until Help Arrives!

Roofing emergencies seem to always happen at the worst possible time.

Whether due to a sudden storm blowing through, or that dead oak tree finally tipping over, emergency roofing repairs should be made as soon as possible.

Actually getting a busy roofing repair company there to handle the problem can sometimes take a day or two, especially when roofers are trying to handle multiple emergencies at once.

Homeowners can take these steps to protect their homes and prevent more damage while they wait.

  1. Assess the Severity of the Damage - The steps that must be taken next depend on the severity of the damage and whether it is still safe to remain in the house. Vacate the home if damage includes a partial or total collapse of the roof and contact utility companies to turn off the power. If the damage is not so severe, get an idea of where the damage is located and the extent, as insurance companies and emergency roofing repair contractors will want this information. 
  2. Call The Insurance Company - Immediately open an insurance claim for the roof and home damage, follow any instructions they provide. Get the claim moving forward as soon as possible, especially if the insurance company needs to send an adjuster out to review the damage before approving the claim. 
  3. Contact An Emergency Roofing Repair Company - Next, call a local emergency roofing repair company to report the damage and the need for assistance. Calling early when a storm has passed can secure an earlier spot on a contractor’s work list when they are tending to multiple reports of roofing damage. Provide as much information as possible so they can prioritize accordingly. 
  4. Protect Personal Property - If there is water coming into the house or openings exposing the interior, protect personal property by moving it, catching leaks, and drying out the area as much as possible. 
  5. Tarp Over the Damaged Area If Possible - If it will be a few days before emergency roofing repairs can be made, attempt to tarp over the damaged area to protect it from further damage. If help is needed, roofing repair companies will sometimes be able to send a crew specifically to apply a protective tarp until they can return and make permanent repairs. Most insurance companies will pay for this service since it can prevent more damage from occurring.

When roofing emergencies happen, getting emergency roofing repairs made can many times take a few days.

As normal as this is, it can also leave homeowners at the mercy of the weather.

These five steps can help any homeowner get their emergency roofing repairs made more quickly by getting the ball rolling with the right phone calls and protect the house from additional damage in the meantime.