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What Types of Storm Damage Can Happen to a Roof?

Severe weather can cause all sorts of problems that require storm damage roofing repair to get a roof back to its original condition.

While not every roof will sustain damage during a storm, homeowners should be aware of what requires a call to a storm damage roofing repair contractor so they can start the repair process sooner rather than later.

These are the main problems that storm damage roofing repair companies see affecting homes in the path of severe weather.

Homeowners noticing any of these problems after the storm passes should arrange a visit by a storm damage roofing repair contractor who can take a closer look and determine what repairs might be necessary.

  • Wind Storms - High winds create the largest need for storm damage roofing repair as they cause a large amount of excessive damage to many homes. Though hurricanes and other storms with excessive winds are largely to blame, slower winds can also cause extensive damage to roofs that are simply not durable enough to withstand them. Broken and blown-off shingles or even whole roofs blown off are common damage sustained due to wind. High winds can also result in debris being blown onto the roof and causing impact damage.
  • Hail Damage - Hail hitting the roof can cause damage ranging from little scuffs and bare spots where the granules are broken off to dented and cracked shingles depending on the size of the hail. Storm damage roofing repair contractors recommend having a roof carefully inspected if it has been hit by hail, as much of the damage might be on the underside of the shingles where it can go unseen. 
  • Torrential Rains - Heavy, pounding rains are another type of storm damage that might require attention from a storm damage roofing repair company if it causes leaks or even structural damage. Roofs that are without a proper drainage system like clean gutters might also suffer from water being absorbed by the decking and underlayment if the ends of the roof are submerged. 
  • Ice Storms - Ice storms that cause thick layers of ice on the roof which can melt and then refreeze are another type of storm damage that homeowners can experience, even in areas where ice is not common. A freak ice storm can result in damaging ice damming that lifts shingles and destroys the water-tight qualities of the installation.

Storm damage that requires roofing repair can happen in many different ways.

Whenever a big storm passes, whether it is heavy rains, strong winds, or even hail or ice, the best recommendation for homeowners is to check for obvious problems, and then get help.

A storm damage roofing repair company will do a thorough inspection and then make any necessary repairs to preserve that roof so it lasts a full lifetime.