Roofing Repair

Roof Age – Should You Spend on Commercial Roofing Repair or Replacement?

No commercial building owner likes having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new roof and in an effort of avoiding it, many will invest repeatedly in more affordable commercial roofing repair.

Yet there will come a time when paying over and over for commercial roof repair ends up costing more than a new roof would.

Before reaching the point of having paid for a new roof in bits and pieces, have a frank discussion with an experienced commercial roofer so you can plan ahead and make wise financial decisions.

What Is Your Roof's Current Condition?

The first detail to take into consideration is the current condition of your existing roof.

Have a qualified commercial roofer pay a visit and do a detailed inspection to give you the best idea of how much life it has left.

They will point out existing and potential problems, suggest needed roofing repairs, and come up with a maintenance plan with you based on the current installation and what it needs.

Determine Your Commercial Roof's Current Lifespan

Next have a commercial roofer determine the actual lifespan of the roof by its type.

Asphalt roofs, which are the most common because they are the least expensive, will last as few as twenty years or as long as forty depending on the materials that were used and how well the roof has been cared for or even repaired.

EPDM installations range from 20 to 35 years, TPO from 20 to 30 years, and metal from 30 to 50 years.

Is yours near the end of its life expectancy? The older it gets, the more likely it is that problems will arise and repairs might be needed.

Which Is More Costly – Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement?

Using your commercial roofer’s best educated guess on age and condition, the bigger question becomes whether you are likely to spend more on roof repair over the upcoming years than you would by having a new installation done now?

It is a difficult question to answer precisely.

One or two commercial roofing repairs over many years may be average or even normal in some cases depending on the roof type and the location; however, there will quickly come a time when paying for more is a waste of your money, not a money savings.

Prevent Commercial Roofing Repair With Proper Maintenance

Good roofing maintenance is the key to preventing the need for constant commercial roof repair.

Still, every roof will eventually get to the point where no amount of repair will prevent it from soon needing even more repair as like old cars, old roofs eventually need replacing.

Invest your money wisely by finding a local commercial roofer you can trust, then deciding together whether another repair makes sense or it is finally time to bite the bullet and get that new roofing installation done.