Roof Styles for Your House

A roof is the most useful element of your house. The roof style choice makes an architectural statement. There are many different roofing styles and shapes used today. Each style varies on structure, design, cost, ease of installation, and maintenance. 

The reason that certain roofing styles are used in specific locations is because they all perform differently depending on the geography. A specific building type can also determine, at times, the type of roof that will cover it. Just click here for information and ideas on roofing styles

Here are the popular roof styles available today:

Gable roof

This is also called a pitched roof. It is probably among the most common type of roofing style because it is simply the easiest to construct. This design has two straight slopes from the edge of the roof which meets together, resembling an upside down V. It is simple construction makes it inexpensive. This roof style is excellent for shedding water and maximizing ceiling space. Besides, it is not prone to high winds.

Shed roof

A shed roof is a single plane roof placed on an incline with one end higher which is used for contemporary style houses. It can be used for detached constructions as well. 


The hip roof is somehow similar to the gable with the difference being that the ends of the hip roof are capped off at an angle that creates a triangular shaped roof causing a point at the top. This roof style is suitable for bad weather conditions and provides extra durability to the house.

Mansard roof

This roofing style has been a top favorite in the architecture of French chateaus. It is made up of four slopes, with two slopes on each side of the house. This design features dormers and a steep pitch that allows for efficient drainage of water, snow, and ice. This type of roof creates an extra space when fitted on your house. People still used these types of roofs for their houses to get that royal touch.

There are many other roof styles available, visit this site for more.

These are the most common roof styles which you can have for your house. However you need to be choosy depending on the area you live in.